It's time for BOCCE! 

Come celebrate 20 years with us!


With Guest Entertainment

Three Good Men


Never played? Like to hang out in the shade, have a free drinks, and listen to music?  Then this tournament is for you! 

Double elimination, all teams are guaranteed to play twice. 

The crowds are friendly, the drinks are cold, and  there is no judgment in HKFF bocce, unless it's late in the day and we all want to eat so just win already!  Seriously, most of our players are first timers or once a year players. 

(Some play every week, but are very nice when they beat you). 

Cash prizes go to the top three teams, and bragging rights go to any team that sends a top team into the not winners bracket. 


This tourney is all about spending time with friends, raising money for a good cause, and laughing at the team names.  


Still nervous?  The bar opens at 9am, my friend.  


N & JT
20th Annual Charity Mixed Couples
Benefitting St. Anthony of Padua Church’s Giving Fund and Local programs helping kids and families
St. Ambrogio Society
Saturday, June 22, 2024
**Starting time TBA**

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Pay team fees and purchase dinner tickets and sponsorships below!   

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Thank you for your sponsorship!  All Sponsors are acknowledged at the dinner.  Sponsors are also welcome and encouraged to attend the dinner.  Please let us know if you would like to attend the dinner and how many tickets you need.